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Resources to learn C# and ASP.NET

Updated September 2019

I have been asked quite often, how someone would start to learn about the C# Programming Language. So I created this Resource Page with useful links as a starting point for your further explorations. If there is something out there I missed, please let me know in the comments.

Official Documentation

If you remember the original MSDN Documentation by Microsoft, you might know that it was not really fun to look for information. That changed, and with we now have a fun and easy to use documentation.

I want to point out one thing in particular. There is a C#-Tutorial on the site which offers an interactive window, where you can play around, paste some code, run it directly on the website and see the result. This is based on Try.NET.

Online Courses

Former Microsoft Virtual Academy

The now discontinued “Microsoft Virtual Academy” offered a range of training Videos about C# and ASP.NET. They are still available on Channel9, and you might want to check them out :

Workshop by Jeffrey T. Fritz (Program Manager at Microsoft)

Jeff spent 9 hours in May 2018 recording a C# / .NET Workshop while pair-programming with colleagues and friends like Sarah Dutkiewicz, Mads Torgersen or Scott Hanselman.

Playlist of Workshop Recording on YouTube

The “Learn to Code in C#” Video series by Brendan Enrick

At the time of writing this, Brendan has 9 videos in this playlist with 2-3 hours of content each. The range is from beginner to advanced developer.
Playlist of “Learn to Code in C#”

Git Hub

A good option to learn or get better in writing C# is to read someone elses code. On site where you can do this is GitHub. You can browse by language and pick a project that sounds interesting. And if you feel you learned enough, you could contribute to one project you like – feedback for code written and submitted can also be a learning experience.

Live Streams

Another option to learn is to actually watch over someones shoulder. People with very good .NET and C# related streams are:


Best known as a Resource for programmers to find a quick answer to a problem, Stackoverflow can also be used to gain some deeper Understanding of C# and the parts related to it. Just look for the Tag “C#” and you might find just the answer you need, like this one for example.


ASP.NET Community Standup to stay up to date about the current development in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.