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Sundays IT: Ever wondered, why chrome runs so many processes ?

Hi everyone,

did you ever ask yourself, why the hack is chrome running so many processes ?

Image of Windows Taskmanager

This image shows only 5 processes, but this can go up to an nearly insane amount.
According to some articles I read, chrome encapsulates every single page into its own process, to prevent crashing the browser when one page goes down.

Chrome provides a way, to get an overview of the processes it runs. To see it, go to you menu => more tools => Taskmanager

Image of Chrome Taskmanager Menu

Image of Chrome Taskmanager

And here you see the different processes Chrome is using. There is one for the browser itself, some additionals for certain features (In this case GPU) and one process for every page you have open at the moment.

Have a nice sunday

Sundays IT: Windows Update on my Win7 machine is stuck at 0% again – 4 Steps solution

Hi everyone,

its annoying when Windows Updates just is not working and its download percentage is Stuck at 0%. I like to share my process to solve this issue – So I do the following:

  1. Opening a command prompt with elevated permissions by typing cmd in my searchbox, right-click and select “run as aministrator” or just type cmd into the box and hit CTRL+Shift+Enter.
  2. Stopping the update service by typing net stop wuauserv into the command prompt and hit enter.
  3. Deleting the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution using the windows explorer.
  4. Starting the update service by typing net start wuauserv into the command prompt and hit enter.

After that, I need to scan for new updates again (May take a while, since the cached information is gone). Downloading them should now work as expected.

DISCLAIMER: Reproduce at your own risk and without warranties.

Have a nice sunday

Sundays IT: Harddisc was going crazy

Hello everyone,

I have no idea how it happend, but suddenly the system harddisc on my good old Windows 7 machine went crazy. After some exploration with Resource Manager (PID: 4 – System was the bad guy) and browsing the internet I stumbled across an article about Prefetch and Superfetch. – system-process-pid-4-constantly-accessing-the-hard-disk

Some time later, after checking out the configuration of these two values in my registry, I decided to limit the fetching to the startup time. Different settings for this entries can be found here:

And finally after rebooting, my harddisc goes quiet again. Still have no idea what the cause of that problem was still the values in the registry been the default values. Maybe some Windows Update lately, that expected me to suddenly have an SSD in my old machine 😉

Maybe someone finds this useful.

DISCLAIMER: Reproduce at your own risk and without warranties.