Weekly Summary CW 8 / 2018

Published: 26.02.2018

Hello everyone !

I did some finetuning this week – Twitter Handles are now linked to the persons Twitter Profile and Hashtags go to Twitter search.

Also I moved the publishing schedule from friday to monday, and with next weeks post I will try to introduce more categories aka more information.

Meanwhile I want to share a little ⭐⭐⭐ „Bonus Feature“ ⭐⭐⭐
A Twitter Timeline about last weeks BASTA 2018 conference, with all tweets I could find where speakers share their slides and demos.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful week. And if you have some feedback, let me know in the comments.

Links Tweeted

🎙 Episode 131 of the Complete Developer – „7 habits to prevent burnout“

📹 Watching, or mostly listening to s current episode with and . Fun it was 🎢

📹🇩🇪 Keynote zur mit

👀 Interesting walk-through of the standard workflow at

🎙 Didnt know about . Learned about it from , which is a guest on the show in the current episode 299. Topic is

🎙 🇩🇪 Neue Folge Nummer 75 des „Stay Forever“ retro-podcasts über alte Computerspiele. Diesmal: Alone in the Dark.


⚙ A windows batch command, to copy just the structure incuding subfolders but without files from one place to another using xcopy:

xcopy /t /e "C:\SourceFolder" "C:\TargetFolder"

Use at your own risk.

🎙 🇩🇪 Neue Folge Nummer 223 des von und mit erschienen.

🎙 A new episode of the has surfaced. Episode 1521- with and .

👀 was looking into some websites today, and found this little comment-gem.
at its best 😀
<!-- Come here often? Wanna make it a thing? We're hiring! -->

„How to implement content negotiation in 2.0“ by

📹 and had fun with 😁

🇩🇪 Shoutout zu (Keinen Twitter ?) und Wolfgang Back (). Hab gerade erst bemerkt, dass der in den Weiten des Netzes noch/wieder existiert 🤖. Wer erinnert sich auch noch ?
https://bitl.ly/ComputerClubTv181– Infos: https://bitl.ly/2He4DRZ

📹 and trying to pair-program is a funny act. You should sell tickets for that😉